Staying productive while working from home

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Many people are doing their best right now to manage a virtual job. It’s hectic trying to perform the same tasks as you would in the office while also managing the other people in your home. To help you stay productive, we’ve created a list of best practices. Maintain your wake-up time It’s true that… Read more »

LinkedIn Makeover

San Francisco Employment Agency

During the Pandemic, we’re working hard to provide you with relevant content considering the circumstances. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, it’s okay to take a step back during this time and relax. But if you’re itching to market yourself, one easy thing to do while quarantined is improve your LinkedIn Profile. If you’re… Read more »

Learning in the time of COVID-19

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It’s week 3(ish) into quarantine and we’re running out of things to do. We’ve played our fair share of family Monopoly. We’ve already cleaned out every pesky cabinet in the house. And we’ve watched Tiger King. Now what? Why not learn a new skill? The key to quarantine is finding balance. That means enjoying the… Read more »

Time for a career change? How to tell.

In most jobs, some days feel like a drag. For some people it’s the end of the year mailing that requires all hands on deck. For others, it’s the cold calls that you have to make to try to sell your product. Unfortunately, few jobs are completely perfect. But how do you know if your… Read more »

Bolt in the Community: Vintage House

Recently, Joanne and Lisa of Bolt Staffing gave a presentation on “Re-Entering the Workforce.” The one-hour event was an overwhelming success. The two Bolt employees made attendees feel confident about beginning their job search. The event took place at The Vintage House of Sonoma— a non-profit organization which provides a space for its members to… Read more »

Workplace Precautions for the Coronavirus

Although Bolt Gigs has no medical doctors on staff, we wanted to reach out to our clients with a bit of information about the Coronavirus, and share some of our best practices when managing employees that are under the weather. Most importantly: We want to remind you that it is in your company’s best interest… Read more »

A Daylight Savings chuckle

This post is dedicated to a compilation of Daylight Savings jokes. Enjoy. Oh, and change your clocks on Sunday, March 8 at 2am. Please. Humans are silly. Humans are really really silly. Yup. If we’re going to have this holiday, we may as well do it right. You’re welcome. Know yourself. And finally, Goodnight, folks!… Read more »

Feed them and they will come

How can you make event staff happy without breaking the bank? Here at Bolt, we have one recommendation: feed your workers. We all know a hangry coworker, friend, or significant other. Thoughts about food prevent us from doing our best work, which creates costs for employers and managers due to lost productivity. This is especially… Read more »

How we use apps to make life easy

At Bolt Gigs, we’ve learned that event staffing needs to adapt to our workers’ needs. In order to make it easy for all of our event staff to sign up for events, we use Shiftgig. Shiftgig isn’t the only app out there but we prefer it because it’s efficient and functional. One of our workers… Read more »

W.o.W (6): Accepting the job!

You’ve made it through the resume check, the phone screen, and the in-person interview. You’re sitting on the couch watching tv when you get a phone call. On the other end of the line, you hear “Congratulations!”.  Your recruiter tells you that you got the job and will be receiving an official offer soon! You… Read more »