Who We Are

The way work is done is evolving. Today, more than ever, work is done on-demand. Whether it is coding, graphic design, or driver services, apps and technology make it possible for workers with any skills to open an app and start working when and where they want to.

We saw this happening and knew we had to react.

We also saw the dark side of the gig economy. Phone numbers disappeared from company websites, making it impossible to call somebody. Robot emails and smart chat bots replaced genuine customer service. Workers are actively misclassified as 1099 independent contractors instead of W2 employees, which means the workers themselves are being cheated out of workers comp coverage, unemployment coverage, and burdened with their own taxes.

So what is Bolt Gigs?

Bolt Gigs is a 100% family owned, on demand temporary staffing agency. We are a W2 employer with full workers comp coverage. We have zero sign up or registration fees. We screen, interview, and reference check all workers, and treat our workers like part of our family. We help students, flight attendants, teachers, and other professionals find the flexible work they need.

Unlike other on demand staffing platforms, we answer the phone when you call.

Our mission is to provide on demand temporary staffing services with a friendly smile. You can do it all online if you want, or you can call us. Our phone number is (707)939-2800. We will answer with a friendly smile.

Here is our team. We look forward to changing the way you hire temporary staff!

Our Team


Calvin Sanders

Calvin Sanders
Founder, Bolt Gigs DC

Joanne Sanders
President & CEO

Anthony Pizziol
General Manager