Boosting team morale during COVID-19

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Let’s face it, the pandemic makes it difficult to stay optimistic all the time. But there are things that you can do as an employer to boost team morale. Start with simple initiatives and then work your way up. You’ll be amazed at how the little things can help sustain your hardworking team.

  • Say thank you

    • Simply recognizing your workers is a great way to put a smile on their faces. If you notice that your payroll manager is doing a great job, write them a simple note. Normally, we’d suggest you handwrite it but nowadays an email is the safer choice. Thank you notes are most effective when they’re directed at individuals and when they are specific. So keep your eyes out and make sure to recognize the hard work your employees are doing. Also be sure to recognize employee milestones. E-cards are a great way to spread good vibes.
  • Get together!

    • You might see your co-workers during your weekly zoom meetings but consider scheduling team zoom sessions for social purposes. There are plenty of online games out there that you can play with large groups of people. Try Sporcle or Scattegories! Having a game night every few weeks is a great way to take everyone’s mind off of life and remind each other of the bond that you have as a team.
  • Check in

    • We mentioned those weekly meetings that you and your team probably have. One way to create camaraderie is by checking in with each other. Even a simple “high low” activity shows that you care about your employees’ wellbeing and you understand that everyone is experiencing different emotions.
  • Support employee health

    • Offer adequate resources to support employee mental health. That means sending along informative articles and potentially pointing to counseling services, meditation apps, or other resources for employees to use. Don’t forget about physical health as well. Consider creating a workout competition that measures how many miles employees walk, or how many squats they can do. Another option is to host a virtual workout class for the group. Encouraging employees to stay active is great for stress relief and endorphin release!

We want to recognize all business leaders as you cope with this situation. You’re in an especially tough position having to manage an office and potentially lay off employees. Do your best to keep smiling and consider implementing some of these strategies to keep your workers smiling as well.

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