Staying productive while working from home

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Many people are doing their best right now to manage a virtual job. It’s hectic trying to perform the same tasks as you would in the office while also managing the other people in your home. To help you stay productive, we’ve created a list of best practices.

  • Maintain your wake-up time

    • It’s true that working from home saves you a little extra time on your commute. Even so, we recommend waking up at the same time as you normally would. This helps maintain consistency. Your body is already used to this schedule, so don’t alter it too much. You can use the extra time in your morning to sit down and enjoy your breakfast instead of rushing like you might have done before.
  • Create a workspace

    • Ideally, there is a relatively quiet space in your home where you can shut your door and focus. It’s best if you can work somewhere with windows. Natural light (and water!) helps keep your brain alert. Try to make this space separate from where you relax. That way your brain knows when to be in “work mode”.
  • Get dressed

    • It can be tempting to work in your pajamas. However, wearing “real” clothes helps stimulate productivity. This doesn’t mean that you have to wear the suit you would normally wear. You’re welcome to wear something comfortable. But try to avoid sweatpants or loungewear. Sub them for a pair of jeans. If you look the part, you feel the part.
  • Take your lunch break

    • Take an hour (or so) off in the middle of the day to eat your lunch. Step away from your computer. You need to come up with a routine that is sustainable. Having designated time “off” will help with that.
  • Set goals

    • I’m a big advocate of goal setting. One way to make sure you get your work done is to set goals for yourself. I would recommend beginning each workday by writing down ~3 concrete goals. You may also consider making weekly/monthly goals to keep yourself on track.

Ultimately, we recommend that you create space and structure in your life to be productive at home. Keep as many of your routines as you can and be flexible with the others. We know you can do it! Good luck!


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