Bolt in the Community: Vintage House

Recently, Joanne and Lisa of Bolt Staffing gave a presentation on “Re-Entering the Workforce.” The one-hour event was an overwhelming success. The two Bolt employees made attendees feel confident about beginning their job search.

The event took place at The Vintage House of Sonoma— a non-profit organization which provides a space for its members to continue learning. It hosts a wide range of classes including Yoga, French and Art. The Vintage House also sponsors more practical lessons that teach smart phone basics, and meal prepping.

Following their mission of learning and growth, we inspired Vintage House members to be open-minded as they look for jobs. In our presentation, we highlighted the changing workforce. As Generation Z enters the workforce, for the first time there will be five generations competing for jobs. Now more than ever before, it’s critical to be patient when looking for a job.

Our Bolt employees were prepared to talk about technology in the workforce. However, they found that most people at the event were very technologically competent. Lisa reminded everyone to be open to opportunities they might not have considered at first. These initial placements help you to make connections with people. You never know where they might lead.

The presentation also highlighted some resume tips. Hint: don’t use functional resumes because employers see this format and assume you’re hiding something. Instead, stick with the traditional format, listing your most recent experience first. According to an article from Monster, older applicants should emphasize the last fifteen years in their resume. Final tip: delete the dates from the education section of your resume.

We’re really grateful that we had the opportunity to share advice and encouragement at the Vintage House.  The coordinator of the event was very appreciative of the presentation. In an email to Lisa, she wrote: “Thank you and Joanne for conducting the workshop. I heard extremely positive feedback -so much good information, and inspiring too.”  At Bolt, we place people, but our favorite job is to inspire people. We’re thrilled that we could do just that at the Vintage House!


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