Workplace Precautions for the Coronavirus

Although Bolt Gigs has no medical doctors on staff, we wanted to reach out to our clients with a bit of information about the Coronavirus, and share some of our best practices when managing employees that are under the weather.

Most importantly: We want to remind you that it is in your company’s best interest for sick workers to stay home.  

Sick employees lead to more sick employees. Whether you manage a warehouse or an office space, it is better to take the short-term productivity loss from somebody staying home than to expose you and your coworkers to illness.

Additionally, we recommend that managers purchase pocket-sized hand sanitizers and distribute them to all of your staff members.

Here is some more information from the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Find them here. Below we summarize some of their major findings:

  • Encourage all of your employers with fevers above 100.4 °F to stay home from work. This includes contract employees. If you are concerned that the staff we are sending to work at your events are showing up sick, have a conversation with us. In the meantime, we will do our best to prevent that from happening before you need to have that chat by sending out information to our workers!
  • If traveling, consult CDC’s Traveler’s Health Notices before taking any trips. They have a specific document that outlines precautions in China with more detail.
  • Employers should consider implementing a policy to have all employees notify the employer if they have a family member with coronavirus. Here is the document that will help you assess if you’ve been exposed to the virus.
  • To prepare for a more local outbreak, employers should establish a plan of action to communicate with their employees, outline essential job functions and the possibility of conducting them remotely, map relationships with other suppliers, and, lastly, evaluate the company practices to make sure that they promote safety for the staff
    • One way to prepare is to train employees in multiple roles in case people have to call in sick.

For more information, check out this briefing by the CDC:

In the meantime, stay safe and keep promoting a healthy workplace!


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