Feed them and they will come

How can you make event staff happy without breaking the bank?

Here at Bolt, we have one recommendation: feed your workers. We all know a hangry coworker, friend, or significant other. Thoughts about food prevent us from doing our best work, which creates costs for employers and managers due to lost productivity.

This is especially true in the hospitality business. Your workers are driven to provide the best possible service for your guests.  They rush to prepare meals, serve food and drinks, park cars, and cater to guests’ needs. Each worker needs lots of energy to do their job right.

Here is the bottom line: Bolt Gigs clients that feed their workers experience much higher worker satisfaction rates. This enables these clients to keep the same workers coming back day in and day out. In fact, our data shows that clients who actively feed their event workers are almost 50% more likely to be rated as a “preferred employer” by our workers. This is huge, considering the tight labor market in the Bay Area.

Feeding your workers is a simple way to increase productivity up to 150%. They feel happier. They’re sustained throughout their shift. They are more efficient. We all know what it’s like being hungry and cranky – do you want your front of house servers passing appetizers on an empty stomach?

We recommend giving event staff food before the event begins so that they have energy throughout the program. However, ending the event with a meal is a nice way to wrap up the evening. Especially if you have extra desserts sitting around!


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