Fast Facts: Staffing Edition!

We’re taking a break from our current blog series to mention some staffing statistics that will blow your mind! Do you think it’s uncommon to use a staffing agency? Think again! According to the American Staffing Association, almost 17 million Americans are employed through staffing agencies each year.

Statista reports that the staffing industry is expected to grow its net worth to $157.8 billion dollars in 2020, up approximately 1%  from 2019. In December 2019 alone, there was an increase of 145,000 nonfarm jobs. Temporary jobs made up 4.4% of this increase.

Across the country, 37% of staffing employees work in the industrial sector. You may be surprised to know that 9% work in the healthcare field. Let’s bring this a little closer to home. What does all this data look like in California? Of the over 39,000 staffing offices across the country, 4,000 are located in California. Which industry employees the most workers from staffing agencies? Engineering, IT and Scientific! That’s not surprising because of Silicon Valley.

It might be hard to make sense of all of this data. But the big takeaway is that staffing agencies and temporary workers are hugely beneficial to the U.S. economy. While not growing at the staggering rate that it had in the past, the U.S. staffing industry continues to prosper! 17 million Americans benefit from Staffing Agencies! You can too!

If you want to learn more about the Staffing Industry particularly in the United States, go to the American Staffing Association’s website. Here you’ll find all kinds of industry-specific and state-specific data. Thanks for your interest in what we do!



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