Robots! They’re here, and they keep on coming!

The hospitality industry is changing with more technology. Everyone is booking their vacations online and comparing hotels from their websites. Some hotels are embracing these changes, thinking about how they can incorporate Artificial Intelligence into their industry while others prefer old-fashioned personal connection.

The first robots entered the hospitality industry in 2015. In 2017, certain hotels abroad started using robots to deliver room service. These “relay robots” can move around the hotel, ride elevators, and even make phone calls. Imagine having a robot deliver your room service. If you haven’t experienced that yet, you probably will soon.

So, what are the benefits of using artificial intelligence in the hospitality industry? First, it reduces costs. Hotel owners can program technology to perform human tasks, ultimately saving them a significant amount of money. Also, AI can personalize customer service through data analytics. Even more, robots are much more efficient than humans. They don’t get stressed when they’re tired. They don’t come down with a cold. They don’t miss work for family vacations.

So, what should you expect in 2020? You guessed it. More robots!





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