Bolt Gigs: Streamlined

Bolt Gigs: Streamlined

Remember the dog days of hospitality recruiting? You had a calendar full of 15 scheduled Calendly phone calls. Of the 15, half would answer the other end of the line. And beyond that, only 1 or 2 would surface as viable candidates. Me too. But I come bearing good news: Those days are officially behind us.

Eighteen months ago, Bolt Gigs began as a concept. It pushed itself out of the comfort of its parent company, needing space to expand and to thrive. While this change brought about some initial headaches in the recruiting process, the new streamline recruiting strategy has led to some impressive results.

After the recent switch to in-person meetings in remote locations, Bolt Gigs has increased its deployment rate to 50%. Congratulations! Our robust deployment rate increases our value to the worker, demonstrates that 50% of applicants think we’re worth it, and eases the burden on internal staff.  Thank you Lani, Lisa, Matt, Neelam, Danielle, Elise, Christina and the rest of the team for their sustained effort in head-starting the operation.

Our new system is beneficial for many reasons. It allows applicants to schedule a meeting time that’s convenient for them, such that they show up to meet with a Bolt Gigs representative.

Beyond increasing our deployment rate, the new recruiting methodology adds a personal layer to our agency. Applicants are more likely to see how we can help them when we show that we care about them personally. Say goodbye to the fruitless phone calls, and hello to a system that works.

Change is tough, and we have all had our frustrations with Bolt Gigs recruiting. Change also happens slowly, and its small changes like this that help us continually improve. Thank you all for making it happen!


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